Training for sowing flax evenly

I followed Egon Hegers description of sowing flax small-scale.

I calculated beforehand that I would want to have 1,8 g of linseed per 1 meter of row on the fields.

At the beginning I cut a strip of paper 150 cm long and 20 cm wide. I drew a 100-centimetre line on it. Afterwards, I cut off the top (around 1/3) of a plastic bottle and unscrewed its cap. Then I drilled a hole into the lid, big enough to let a few linseeds fall through. I put the bottle cap back on and filled the “seeder” with the amount of seeds per 1 metre row (1,8g). I moved it over the paper and learned in which pace the whole amount of seeds was spread evenly on the paper line. After getting that feeling into my system I was finally ready to sow the flax on the open field.

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