My Story

anna jos

I studied and graduated in fashion design, seeking for a purpose in interdisciplinary innovation and new materials. But by the end of my studies, I felt alienated from the business of fashion. Why? Because I experienced the destructiveness of the current system for humans and nature. In addition, I felt that making collections, thinking about trends, and the constant competition were restricting my creativity and did not make me feel any purpose.

I started a master’s degree in fine arts and design hoping to solely focus on research and experimentation in fashion and textiles because I believed this would be the way to “fit into the system”. But it did not stay that way. Suddenly I had the freedom and space to reflect on my work and I could explore ways of making my practice meaningful and enjoyable.

A lot has changed. Instead of making full collections and fashion, I focus my energy on making single garments and deeply engage with the production process of the materials I use. Instead of forcing a material into a shape, I look for ideal purposes of its uses. Instead of picking materials that are there, I try to understand what the world provides us with and how we can use it responsibly. I want to work thoroughly and with care. As a part of this, I started to grow flax together with my grandmother. I learned from her farming skills, while exploring a material that was new to me: linen. I joined a project called “The Linen Project” which is about setting up small-scale linen production in the Netherlands, where I learned to see the bigger picture of the processes behind garment making. And I started this blog, to share what I come across on my journey.

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